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Ok so I just got a bunch of email notifications of followers on this blog so let me clarify since I guess I did a shitty job last time.

I do not update this blog because it was something of a self insert. I am really sick. (I am the not curable not really very treatable kind of sick) so no, I will not just recover from this and come back, hence why a year later I am still not posting here.

Updating this blog became too much for me and I do not have the energy for the hours and hours I put into updates. I was hoping eventually I would get somewhat better and be able to put the time in (most of these updates took like 8 hours straight of drawing) which is why I didn’t just make a “goodbye blog is gone” post a year ago but it’s pretty obvious that is not going to happen now. 

More followers is not going to result in updates it will just make me feel more guilty about being unable to.

Please do not follow this blog you will only be disappointed. If you have kept this blog on your list go ahead and unfollow it just serves as an archive now. You can just google or something if you want to reread.


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O look

I updated blog

You know as of this time of uploading this picture, I still have 961 followers, when I posted the indefinite hiatus post there were 980ish. Almost everyone has stayed and that blows me away. 

I feel bad I still haven’t updated so here is something for your trouble of sticking around. Thank you to all of you.

(ghost Dusty idea thanks to Chocolate Swirl)

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Mines tomorrow you would have found out when skype does the bug people about birthdays thing. A couple people have been having birthdays this week I think Dawnstar’s and someone else I follow had one yesterday? and more people a day before I can’t even keep track D:

I got kind of fed up with the blog. It was good timing since I have been even failing to make shitty doodles lately never mind actual updates, which I have lost motivation for in general because I feel like the thing was going nowhere. I wanted to send her off with a bang if i never get around to it again…

Dusty probably might come back at some point but for now I kind of killed her off >.>

So yeah hiatus until further notice as it says on the blog now (which is covered in blood splatters). I’d like to have less atrocious writing if I reopen it because a lot of mine is just cringe worthy… Ideas? fine. Dialog and executing them correctly? Nooooooooooo…

In case anyone else is wondering on this who doesn’t follow my mod blog (or seen the main page). This blog is on hiatus because I suck and killed my pony. :’D I’m a shitty writer and feel like I was going nowhere with this blog. I had a big thing half planned out but I clearly have no abillity to execute storylines well. 

Even if hadn’t been considering this with the way I have been failing to even put up halfassed scribbled on my regular blog there probably wouldn’t be any updates coming for awhile anyway.

Sorry :<

More Dusty art not on this blog can be found on my dusty tag on my main blog

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((This was for a calendar thing but I have been sitting on it too long now and any longer and it will tart looking too bad for me to upload, which is a shame since back in january when I made this it took me like 16 hours ._.))

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Fuck you and get the hell out of my face. Take your attitude and smugness elsewhere. 


Why am I getting asks for my ask blog on my mod blog. The ask button is like right next to the one that links to my ask blog D:

It is also worth mentioning I can’t lead you because you don’t tell me where you want to go. 

"Can you lead me through the forest?"


((also, on the topic of questions going to wrong place, if you want to have discussions about your sads and illnesses, you should probably send THAT to the modbog instead, because as you can see in the screenshots there, these blogs aren’t connected and this is not the one I am usually logged into. ))

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I haven’t been feeling well lately and it has put me in a poor mood…

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